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Lead Generating Websites & Landing Pages

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Call-To-Action Websites and Landing Pages

Increase Your Sales With a CTA Website and Landing Pages


Call-To-Action, Custom Branded Websites and Landing Pages make it easier for potential customers to:

  • Remember how to connect with you.
  • See the exact products and services you advertise.
  • Immediately access the exact information they seek.
  • Conveniently and quickly purchase the exact products they saw advertised.
  • Remember a URL that encourages them to go online and buy your products.
  • Connect with you via Telephone, Social Media, Live Chat, Email, etc.


Call-To-Action, Custom Branded Websites and Landing Pages enable businesses to:

  • Connect with potential customers at the point of need, and the height of interest.
  • Answer questions from potential customers more quickly.
  • Retarget potential customers with online ads for the exact products they are interested in.
  • Retain more customers.
  • Make more sales.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Save Hundreds Every Year By Choosing displayClicks

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress

Your account is setup with WordPress and premium plugins (software), with Cloud Hosting and an SSL. We keep WordPress and Plugins up to date, and your account is backed up daily (files, databases, email). We keep 7 consecutive daily backups that you can restore with one click any time through your cPanel. For additional peace of mind, each account comes with Snapshot Pro, a premium plugin by WPMU DEV, that allows you to create and manage your own backups.

Pro WordPress Page Builder

Pro Page Builder

Each WordPress managed hosting plan includes Beaver Builder Pro, which is an amazing page builder trusted by the biggest names in WordPress. To get even more out of Beaver Builder Pro, we also include Beaver ThemerPowerPack for Beaver BuilderWooPack for Beaver Builder, and Ninja Beaver Lite. This saves you around $400 per year.

Premium WordPress Plugins

Premium Plugins

Premium WordPress plugins (software) can be very expensive if you have to purchase them yourself. So, we include some of the best Premium Plugins with your displayClicks plan. Beside the Beaver Builder plugins, we include all the plugins available through WPMU DEV, many of which come installed and ready to use with displayClicks. All this saves you several hundreds of dollars ever year.



displayClicks comes with everything you need to sell online, including WooCommerce, which powers over 30% of the world’s eCommerce websites. Your hosting account includes an SSL for security. We also include WooPack for Beaver Builder, so you can create awesome eCommerce pages with the Beaver Builder Pro page builder. And if you would like to book appointments and accept payments, we provide Appointments+ by WPMU DEV.

Blazing Fast Speed

Blazing Fast Speed

Websites are hosted on Cloud Servers managed by SiteGround that include SSD disks, easily-managed server cache for unmatched speed, an SSL and HTTP/2 Enabled, and a free Cloudflare CDN (content delivery network). Each account also comes with WP Smush Pro from WPMU DEV that compresses images without sacrificing quality to increase page speed.

App Integration

App Integration

There are around 50,000 plugins for WordPress, with many of them integrating third-party applications. With displayClicks, you can integrate any application that works with WordPress. Realtors can quickly integrate their favorite app to display properties (including IDX), and a CRM to keep up with clients. You can integrate newsletter applications such as MailChimp, and applications to automate your marketing such as Drip.com. There is practically no limit to the integration possible with WordPress.

WordPress Security


displayClicks server security is managed by SiteGround, which is one of the top WordPress hosting companies in the world. Each displayClicks accounts is setup with an SSL, and comes with a free Cloudflare CDN with easy access to all other speed and security features provided by Cloudflare. We also keep WordPress and Plugins up to date for security, and provide each account with Defender Premium by WPMU DEV.



displayClicks comes with cPanel, which allows users to setup unlimited email address, easily manage email, set forwarders, and create auto-responders. Features include secure email protocols (SMTP, POP3 and IMAP), in addition to Spam Assassin with MailFoundry™ and SpamExperts. All displayClicks accounts also come with Ninja Forms to create awesome website forms, or you can use your favorite plugin such as Contact Form 7.

Migrate Existing WordPress Website

Migrate Existing Website

We migrate your existing WordPress website from its current web host to displayClicks for free. The migration will be performed by our WordPress experts. For details or to request a migration, please contact Support.

Image Building Media

displayClicks is a division and brand of Image Building Media, an internet marketing company based in Tampa, Florida serving companies of all sizes.